About us

The Sherwood Simms family, owners and operators of Abaco Ferry Service are native Abaconians and descendents of the original settlers who relocated to the Bahamas from the Carolinas in the late 1700’s. The settlers were Loyalists who wanted to remain under British reign and thus fled the war of Independence in America. They attempted to continue the agrarian lifestyle they had left behind but soon found that there was abundant sunshine in the Abacos, but the soils were too thin and rocky to grow their traditional crops of cotton and tobacco. The new immigrants continued to grow fruits and vegetables for consumption, but within a short time had to turn more to the sea for a living. Fishing, sponging, wrecking, and even running contraband to the U.S – such as whisky and rum during Prohibition soon became a way of life. Over the years Abaconians have given up wrecking and rum running and work at more traditional occupations such farming, fishing, construction and boat building. The tourist industry is now a driving force in the economy and has created a boom in second home construction.People from around the world come to Abaco by boat and by air because they find Abaco’s family-run hotels and private home rentals allow for a more very relaxing and personal vacation experience. Tourists embrace the culture and the natural cheerful and happy spirit of the people of Abaco make them feel like locals. The Abacos are a group of islands of The Bahamas located approximately one hour east of Florida by air. The “big” island of Great Abaco, the third largest island in the Bahamas, is laced with a curve of cays (pronounced keys) just a few miles offshore. The cays protect the protected Sea of Abaco, one of the largest bodies of protected waters in the Caribbean, making it perfect for sailing, power boating, snorkeling, or relaxing on the beach. Every day in Abaco is a day in paradise. The waters offshore are world famous for fishing and diving. Marsh Harbour, the largest city, is located on Great Abaco and is a bustling city of about 12,000 served by major airlines as well as smaller carriers with daily flights from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Melbourne, Orlando, and Daytona Beach.Abaco Ferry’s motto is service with a smile and we treat our guests in the happy and cheerful manner for which the people of Abaco are so well known. Whether you’re a local resident commuter, veteran Out Island traveler, or a first-time Abaco visitor, our goal is to make your ferry ride a relaxing and enjoyable experience.